Urgent Need to help Jason

Jason, a 14 year old boy who is studying in a special education school in Western China, was born healthy in a happy family in a small town.  When he was 1 year old, he had a high fever and was brought to the doctor. The doctor prescribed a wrong medication that caused his eyes… Continue Reading Urgent Need to help Jason

Fruitful and Fruit-ful California Trip

In our earlier blog, we talked about how our Rainbow Missions sharing team hoped that we would enjoy the sun and warmth during our two weeks sharing trip in California. Guess what? We brought the Seattle rainy winter to Northern California for the week instead. But we got a lot of warmth from people around… Continue Reading Fruitful and Fruit-ful California Trip

Time For Change

Well Time For Change! Did you know that our Rainbow Missions community has significantly grown over the last few years? While the majority of our community base is in Washington, Rainbow Missions have strong support from California, New Jersey and British Columbia Canada. Some of you even live in United Kingdom and Japan. As much… Continue Reading Time For Change

Rainbow Missions California Sharing

March in California means sun and warmth! Our sharing team is getting more excited every day as they prepare for departure to California. Very soon, the two founders, Peter and Bosco, our Executive Director, Pastor Rain and our life-time volunteer Mrs Chiao will be seeing more sun every day for 2 weeks. It is a… Continue Reading Rainbow Missions California Sharing

Rainbow Pearl

Crystal sees herself as a beloved daughter of Rainbow Missions because she doesn’t know who her birth parents are. She was born with cerebral palsy and very likely was abandoned shortly after she came to this world. She still recalls that she lived on a rocking sampan with a fisherman couple. She was trained to… Continue Reading Rainbow Pearl