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Rainbow Missions is a non-profit organization dedicated to serving the under privileged in China...

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Rainbow Missions organizes two Short Term Service Trips (STST) every year to visit and serve the youth and children with disabilities. Our team members come from different churches. Our members use their skills, talents and spiritual gifts to serve the people in need.

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"Live Your Rainbow Dream"

Everyone has a dream. A child with disability in China has a right to have a dream. "The Dream that Soar to Heights" is a video created to give the disabled kids in China a voice. Centered by the love of Jesus Christ, Rainbow Missions enables the lives of the under-privileged and disabled in China to be a whole person - physically, mentally and spiritually so that they can live their dreams as vibrantly as the colors of rainbows. You are invited to walk alongside with us together to serve, love and give to support the children to live their rainbow dreams."

The Dreams that Soar to the Heights
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You can enable dreams in the following ways:

Give a one time or monthly love gift

  • To sponsor a child's education
  • To support our field workers in China to minister to teachers, disable children and their families
  • To support the general operation, training and resource development to serve the needs of the underprivileged and disabled in China.
  • You are also invited to volunteer your time with us at the office.

    You can join us in prayer support for the teachers and children with disabilities in China.

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    "Live Your Rainbow Dream" Stories

    A Girl Without Arms Has A Dream Too

    I am a girl without arms. When I was three years old, I tried to pull back a friend who was being electrocuted in an attempt to save her. As a result, the electric shock hurt me, and I lost my arms. Click here to read more...

    Let My Dream Fly Over The Rainbow

    When I was a primary school student, my teacher asked me, "What's your dream?" I answered, "I want to be a teacher." Click here to read more...

    Weaving My Rainbow Dream With Music

    I had a dream of becoming a musician or a music teacher when I was still a child, and I believed that this dream would make my life as wonderful as the seven-color rainbow. I entered the Chongqing School for the Blind when I was seven years old and then began to learn vocal and instrumental music from teachers. I want to weave my rainbow dream with music. Click here to read more... or click below to listen to the song.

    Songs of Thanksgiving

    "I love music," said JH, one of the visually impaired youth in China sponsored by Rainbow Missions. "It is a gift God has given to me. My dream is to use my music and singing to thank God and bless other people." Click here to read more...
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