Special Guests From China – 3

Have you read our last blog about Jing Jing? If you haven’t, you may want to take a few moments to read it first. This blog is the continuing story of Jing Jing. She arrived at her destination city in Southern China and she would start a new chapter of her life in an education… Continue Reading Special Guests From China – 3

Special Guests From China – 2

Have you ever thought what the life of an orphan in China is? How about if the orphan has some kind of disability? Last week, we talked about Kate, a special guest who has got a lot of honors from the Chinese Government and the United Nations. This week, we are going to talk about… Continue Reading Special Guests From China – 2

Rainbow Missions has changed my family

In 2010, my family and I joined a service trip to serve orphans with disabilities in Central China through Rainbow Missions. This was my first trip to China and an orphanage; I was surprised to see the living conditions for the children. Baby cribs were placed end to end in very tight rows. Children lifted… Continue Reading Rainbow Missions has changed my family

A Letter from Peter

Dear RM friends, I’m writing to you from Asia. Because of some critical family issues, I had to step down from the leadership role in RM and move back here. I miss my colleagues and you all indeed. I’m very confident that the next leadership will bring RM to even higher grounds in God’s hand.… Continue Reading A Letter from Peter

Special Guests From China

Do you know how many travelers from China are in Seattle each year? It is almost 1.2 million. This year, 2 travelers out of the 1.2 million are very special guests of Rainbow Missions. They will visit us in October and meet us at all three fundraising dinners. They are very important to Rainbow Missions.… Continue Reading Special Guests From China