Special Guests From China

Do you know how many travelers from China are in Seattle each year? It is almost 1.2 million. This year, 2 travelers out of the 1.2 million are very special guests of Rainbow Missions. They will visit us in October and meet us at all three fundraising dinners. They are very important to Rainbow Missions.… Continue Reading Special Guests From China

Thanks From Jason

Remember Jason? Rainbow Missions raised $4,700 USD for his eye removal surgery in less than a month. When I first heard the news of Jason’s eye situation in early May, I was worried we didn’t have enough budget to help Jason. With the help of our generous donors, we were able to send sufficient money… Continue Reading Thanks From Jason

A Concert of Love, DIY Fundraising

Do you know what DIY means? Every day we DIY although we don’t use this acronym very often. It means “Do It Yourself”. A medium or large size DIY project is not a cup of tea for everyone. Consider building a house all by yourself. If the DIY project is a large scale musical project,… Continue Reading A Concert of Love, DIY Fundraising

2016 Annual Fundraising Dinners Table Sponsor

Do you know that Rainbow Missions has annual fundraising dinners in October in Seattle? Do you know how we pay the expenses of the dinner? Each year, we invite friends who have concerns for children with disabilities and orphans to sponsor the dinners. These friends are happy to sponsor one, two and even three tables.… Continue Reading 2016 Annual Fundraising Dinners Table Sponsor

Urgent Need to help Jason

Jason, a 14 year old boy who is studying in a special education school in Western China, was born healthy in a happy family in a small town.  When he was 1 year old, he had a high fever and was brought to the doctor. The doctor prescribed a wrong medication that caused his eyes… Continue Reading Urgent Need to help Jason