Step by Step

Bella became blind when she was eight years old. She could sense light, but she could not see anything. In 2010, she suffered from lupus erythematosus and became infertile; her husband decided to divorce her. She fell to the bottom of her life. She was physically and mentally exhausted with her weak body and huge… Continue Reading Step by Step

Rainbow Missions First Walkathon Event Team

Rainbow Missions is going to host a first ever Walkathon event on May 20. Our fundraising team is so excited about the event. Even though it involved a lot of preparation work, such as finding sponsorship, designing posters, creating a promotion video etc., we had fun during the planning process. Let’s see what our team… Continue Reading Rainbow Missions First Walkathon Event Team

When You Come, You Act Like My Charger

“When you come, you act like my charger.” Mei Yong Wen This child is called Xiaoyu. Although he is only 8 years old, he is tall and well built. Unfortunately, he was diagnosed with autism since childhood. In present-day China, autism means being abandoned by society. No special education is provided at school. This means… Continue Reading When You Come, You Act Like My Charger

Guangxi Trip

Last December, I had the opportunity to join a service team to Guangxi from Hong Kong. We visited the children of Angel House and orphanage where the children with intellectual disabilities, cerebral palsy or multiple physical disabilities came from low-income families. The service team consisted of 24 people. Some members like me joined as individuals,… Continue Reading Guangxi Trip

Helping Children with Cerebral Palsy

Rainbow Missions helps children with cerebral palsy in China. This is a story about a boy named Xiao-Wen whose parents are identified as ethnic minorities. Six years ago, my wife and I first met Xiao-Wen and his parents at Angel House. It was the first day Xiao-Wen received his services. The floor was covered with… Continue Reading Helping Children with Cerebral Palsy