What did I like the best?

Guest blog by Tina Eng… I have joined a short-term service trip “STST” organized by Rainbow Missions.  On March 11-12, I attended the “STST” training retreat.  Did I get to know the team members? Was there any homework? Did I learn about the kids we were going to visit?  The answer to these questions is… Continue Reading What did I like the best?

Christmas Giving 2016

Dear Friends & Supporters, As Christmas quickly approaches, we are reminded of Jesus, the Reason for the season, who unreservedly gave Himself for us so that we can have a relationship with our Heavenly Father who loves us unstintingly. At Rainbow Missions, as we look back at the year, we are so grateful to you… Continue Reading Christmas Giving 2016

A Letter from Peter

Dear RM friends, I’m writing to you from Asia. Because of some critical family issues, I had to step down from the leadership role in RM and move back here. I miss my colleagues and you all indeed. I’m very confident that the next leadership will bring RM to even higher grounds in God’s hand.… Continue Reading A Letter from Peter

Time For Change

Well Time For Change! Did you know that our Rainbow Missions community has significantly grown over the last few years? While the majority of our community base is in Washington, Rainbow Missions have strong support from California, New Jersey and British Columbia Canada. Some of you even live in United Kingdom and Japan. As much… Continue Reading Time For Change

Rainbow Missions California Sharing

March in California means sun and warmth! Our sharing team is getting more excited every day as they prepare for departure to California. Very soon, the two founders, Peter and Bosco, our Executive Director, Pastor Rain and our life-time volunteer Mrs Chiao will be seeing more sun every day for 2 weeks. It is a… Continue Reading Rainbow Missions California Sharing