An Experience of a Lifetime (1)

In mid October, I found myself in one of the guest rooms of an orphanage and rehab center (AHCZ) in the southern part of China with roommate and fellow RM short term service trip (STST) member sister Tso. The walls of the room were thin; I could hear the chatter of children greeting one another… Continue Reading An Experience of a Lifetime (1)

The Best Gift of All

Christmas is coming soon! Streets are decorated with Christmas trimmings and we see twinkling lights everywhere. While we look forward to celebrating Christmas and enjoying delicious Christmas meals, some children with disabilities living on the other side of the world may not have a chance to celebrate or even know the true meaning of Christmas.… Continue Reading The Best Gift of All

Response to God’s calling

Thank you so much for your loving support! We successfully held three fundraising dinners with 421 guests in attendance to celebrate God’s amazing work among children with disabilities in China.  Planning and preparing for such an event is not easy as there are many little details we need to be aware and to take care… Continue Reading Response to God’s calling

Not Self-Seeking

Even though MengYi cannot see the world clearly, the world inside her heart is brighter than the sun. During summer holiday in 2009, MengYi went to some restaurants and hotels to pick up trash with her mom from 2am until 10am in the morning. One empty bottle was only worth 5 cents but she kept… Continue Reading Not Self-Seeking

What did I like the best?

Guest blog by Tina Eng… I have joined a short-term service trip “STST” organized by Rainbow Missions.  On March 11-12, I attended the “STST” training retreat.  Did I get to know the team members? Was there any homework? Did I learn about the kids we were going to visit?  The answer to these questions is… Continue Reading What did I like the best?