Embracing God’s Blessings Every Step of the Way

This is my third year making service trip to China. My experience and feelings vary every year. Since I have seen many visually impaired students in each annual service trip, and we often communicate and chat online, I look forward to every service trip to China as if I am returning to see my hometown relatives.

按此閱讀中文版 (一步一步的祝福).

June this year, a total of 11 of us traveled from Seattle or Hong Kong to Northeast China for an 8-day service trip. Among us were family counselor, social worker, occupational therapist and behavioral analyst, each taking a role in respective service groups. We were divided into three service groups – autism center group, visually impaired persons group and counseling visit group. I belonged to the visually impaired persons group. We set out every day to visit the visually impaired college students and massage shop workers.

In our first evening, we had a graduation celebration dinner with four visually impaired students whose education costs were sponsored by Rainbow Missions. I have known them for 5 years, and they were like my younger siblings. After enjoying a good dinner, our service team sang the hymn of “Footstep” for these graduates. Each part of the lyrics carried our heartfelt messages, “Your footstep leads my footstep, one step and another step, we are blessed, in every step, I follow You closely on this blessed path …….” The hymn tells that God is leading my footsteps, to move past the valley of death onto the road of blessings. We have walked alongside these visually impaired students as they walked a more difficult path than the healthy students did, but each step taken was a progress on the road of blessings and life change.

That evening, each visually impaired graduate shared their gratitude to Rainbow Missions and the challenges they had faced as students. Three of them studied Chinese medicinal massage therapy. After five years of diligent learning, they attained qualification in this field that enables them to practice in hospital, make stable income and improve their living standard. They have a better future than the one who needs to wait for customers in a massage shop for the whole day. Another student majored in music. She is Pun Pun, a quiet girl who normally wouldn’t talk much. However, that evening, she shared her experience in choosing her major, and her inner struggles. This allowed me to understand and know her more. Unexpectedly I found that she loved to laugh, and she talked eloquently in a mature manner. After sharing, upon our request, she performed to show us different singing styles. Though she was small in size, her voice was strong and loud, shocking the entire room with beautiful melodies. I couldn’t understand the language she sang in, but my heartstring was stricken, my tears streamed down, and I felt pride for her parents. Pun Pun was the champion of the music college’s singing contest! Pun Pun came to know Rainbow Missions while she was in the school for the blind six years ago. It was the singing skills sharing and demonstration of a music teacher in that year’s Rainbow Missions service team that enlightened and inspired Pun Pun to choose music major in college. After graduation, Pun Pun hopes to return to the school for the blind to bless the students by teaching them music.

Xiao Gang also shared a decision he made as a student. Going to college has been Xiao Gang’s wish since very young. However, during his teenage his vision began to deteriorate and he eventually transferred to the school for the blind. He held on to the belief that he could still have the opportunity to go to college if he worked really hard, and he finally succeeded and got into college. Yet, after one year, changes hit Xiao Gang’s family and it lost the ability to pay his tuitions. By coincidence, Xiao Gang learned about Rainbow Missions, and he eventually became our sponsored student. He excelled as a student and he always positioned at the top three. In his junior year, he was the top student and the college awarded him a scholarship. However, the college did not understand overseas sponsorship and since Xiao Gang received help from Rainbow Missions, they cancelled his scholarship. Xiao Gang found it unacceptable and disappointing. He could have decided to cover up his Rainbow Missions sponsorship, but to him denying receiving help from Rainbow Missions was to wipe away the love he received from his Rainbow Missions uncles and aunties. For this, he chose to report the help from Rainbow Missions. Xiao Gang did not regret this decision. He became even more diligent in different learning and pursuance, hoping to be able to repay society one day through helping needy people, following the footstep of his Rainbow Missions uncles and aunties. Recalling the time when he coincidently learned of Rainbow Missions and how he maintained the relationship over the years, he cherishes the experience and his heart is moved. He looks forward to our annual visit with a thankful heart, treasuring the contribution of Rainbow Missions uncles and aunties made to his educational achievement.

As I witness Xiao Gang’s growth and change, my heart is touched and satisfied. This is the fruit of our walk with them step by step. I hope that we can be like what the hymn of Footstep describes: every step taken is following God’s guidance, alongside with the students on the path of blessings, bringing to us and to them courage and faith.

Rainbow Missions sincerely invites you to walk with us. Open up your life, live out the love in your heart, become their blessings and walk with them. You are welcome to contact us with email : rainbows@therainbows.org, to obtain more information. If you wish to sponsor a student, the tuition is US$500 per school term. You may contact Kery Wong, or mail a check to Rainbow Missions, PO Box 1526, Renton, WA 98058. Please state “sponsorship” and your email address on the check.








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