Not Self-Seeking

Even though MengYi cannot see the world clearly, the world inside her heart is brighter than the sun. During summer holiday in 2009, MengYi went to some restaurants and hotels to pick up trash with her mom from 2am until 10am in the morning. One empty bottle was only worth 5 cents but she kept picking up trash every day and finally she earned ¥ 21.

按此閱讀中文版 (不求自己的益處).
“Donate to Yangtze River Green Campaign first, then save money to buy learning machine”

This young girl did not hesitate to donate half of her money to the campaign. In fact, MengYi needed a learning machine to practice English at that time. She did not put her needs as her first priority. In  fact, she was willing to donate and give  back to society.  MengYi sees things on the bright side. She gladly shares her thoughts: “I can hear the sounds of Yangtze River and I like it. In my heart, the color of Yangtze River is green and I hope it would be greener than before.”

Local citizens and Party Secretary of Chongqing were touched by her behavior and the Secretary even gave her appreciation in the public.

Who says people with disabilities have no ability to contribute to society? They persist in studying and learning to pursue their dreams, enhance knowledge, improve life skills,  help others and give back to society.




年紀小小的孟軼把辛苦掙回來的一半錢毫不猶豫地捐給了 “綠化長江計劃”。其實當時孟軼很需要一部學習機去練習英語,但她並沒有把自己的需要放在第一位,反而把錢捐出去,回饋社會。 孟軼開心的說﹕「我能聽見長江的聲音,我喜歡長江,在我心中,長江是綠色,希望它變得更綠。」


誰說殘疾人士沒有能力貢獻社會? 他們堅持不懈地去學習,努力地追求夢想,為的只是希望增進知識和生活技能,盡一份力 幫助更多有需要的人,回饋社會。

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