The Stories of Rainbow Missions

Just like the colors of a rainbow, Rainbow Missions are full of colorful stories and wonderful loving people. We would like to invite you to read and share our stories with your friends and families. Give us some comments and suggestions too!

Annual Reports

Rainbow Missions is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization registered in Washington, U.S.A. Here are our annual reports: Annual Report 2016 Annual Report 2015 Annual Report 2014 Financial Summary for 2013

Rainbow Missions love people with disabilities in China

Our Featured Services

Rainbow Missions seek to bring hope for a brighter future by providing people with disabilities in China with physical, mental and spiritual support and care. Check out “What We Do” page for an overview of our services. We would also like to highlight a few stories of our service areas.

What We Do

24 Hours 7 Days A Week While you are sleeping at night, some volunteers in the USA are calling China with their phones to give counseling to people with disabilities on marriage or anything that is critical in their families. While you are awake, our staff and volunteers are busy in program preparation and training… Continue Reading What We Do

Rainbow Missions Founders provided workshop in China in 2004

What’s Our History

If you have read our “Who Are We” page, you probably have heard the story of Bosco when he went to China in 2004. What did he do when he was in China? What happened afterwards? The Exploratory Trip Bosco went with Peter to a university in Western China and shared their knowledge of assistive… Continue Reading What’s Our History

Who We Are

Why We Care Imagine you live in a developing country. Facilities and services to people with disabilities are very limited. Cars are zooming and rarely slow down for pedestrians but there are no noise signals to guide the blind at crosswalks. Wheelchair access is not available in most restaurants, libraries or schools. Many parents and… Continue Reading Who We Are

Rainbow Missions Logo

Why This Logo

You may have picked up a starfish at a beach and thrown it back to the sea. Do you know what your action meant? The logo of Rainbow Missions is a starfish on a hand. The hand is a helping hand. There is a story behind our logo and it represents a very important philosophy… Continue Reading Why This Logo

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