Pursue Our Dreams — Change the Future

CZ is a new development area in southern China. Since the province is adjacent to Vietnam, trade with the neighboring country is a major financial development project there. CZ does not produce much. A lot of staple foods and general daily necessities are supplied by adjacent cities. General wages are low and price of goods are high due to additional transportation fees. The living standard for many people there is low. As such, some people may feel that CZ is a miserable city to live in.

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However, on this piece of land, one of the first “Government built and civilian operated” orphanages in China came on the stage quietly last year.

Before arriving at these four acres, total area of 4300 square meter facility which costed 1.5 million USD, my understanding of this orphanage was based on some objective reports: This is a comprehensive children’s welfare center which provides foster, education, rehabilitation and special education. Its main responsibilities are raising and educating children of 0–18 years old who are homeless, handicapped orphans without a source of income, abandoned babies, waifs and strays within the city limit. It provides temporary housing for combating trafficking of children, rehabilitation and special education services for handicapped children. It organizes domestic adoption for the orphans, protects legal rights and interests of the orphans and helps them to integrate into homes and society.

A day in Chongzuo Orphanage

Our car slowly entered Shansau Road and stopped in front of a four storied colorfully painted building. After a long and arduous journey, we finally arrived our destination. My heart was touched even when I stood in front of the building with a bright and clean playground. My feelings were so surreal as if I were in a dream …

Essentially, love is not only about feelings, it is a choice with its own purpose. I clearly knew that my visit to the orphanage on that special day was supported by many who have the same love and care for the children there.

Shortly, I found myself surrounded by a group of smiling children. What a special group of children! From their faces, speeches, physical conditions, and difficulties in movements, I realized they have various types and levels of disabilities. Amazing enough, I also saw their vitality and potential at the same time! Pure joy and lively hope was spontaneously blooming out from their lives. In fact, from the disabled, I found perfection; through brokenness, I still saw the real beauty of God.

It turned out that deep down in their heart there is a song which expressed their hope and

I long for friendly eye contacts, not the surprised ones
I long for kind words, not just sympathy
I long for supporting hands, not merely showing pity on me
I long for love, peace, and hope, just the same as what you would long for
So, please see me like how you see yourself
As I won’t abandon myself and give up on my future
So, I hope you are just like me
Please do not abandon me, do not give up on the future
Please join me to pursue our dreams and change the future

My dear friends, brothers and sisters, Rainbow Missions sincerely invites you to join us, through friendly eye contact, kind words, and a pair of supporting hands to deliver love and hope to children with disabilities and their families in rural China. Let’s pursue the dreams with them and change the future together!

We are going to CZ for one week to service these disabled children from April 9th to 15th, if you would like to join us, please email us at kerywong@therainbows.org for application form.


追求夢想 — 改變未來














我們定於4月9日至15日組織服務隊前往CZ一個星期,把愛和溫暖帶給這些殘障孩子,若有感動參與,請於2月25日前聯絡我們索取表格,致電郵 kerywong@therainbows.org

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