Special Guests From China – 3

Have you read our last blog about Jing Jing? If you haven’t, you may want to take a few moments to read it first. This blog is the continuing story of Jing Jing. She arrived at her destination city in Southern China and she would start a new chapter of her life in an education and rehab center specializing in children with cerebral palsy. Perhaps you wonder which city and what the name of the center is.

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Life in Angel House

Jing Jing travelled in a car for 20 minutes and reached the end of the freeway that goes from Nanning Airport into the city. After the freeway toll was paid, she arrived at her new home in 5 minutes. This new home was in a residential community. It was quiet when she arrived at Angel House Youth Center because most of the students had not come back to the center yet. Only 2 students and the residence supervisor greeted Jing Jing. She settled herself down and the new chapter of her life started.

Two days later, on Sunday, most of the students came back. The students were told in advance that a new student from Chongqing was coming. The next day, school started. She was 15 years old on the very first day she sat in a classroom studying First Grade of an elementary school. She was very excited and she owned her book text books for the first time.

During weekdays, all students got up at 7:00am and had breakfast at 8:00am. They helped with cleaning after each meal. Jing Jing started her class at 9:00am. She learned Chinese, Mathematics and General Knowledge which combined science, geography, history, social studies and health. Very minimal English was taught in the school. Lunch was at 12:00noon and she took a nap afterwards. Usually Jing Jing did not sleep. School started again at 2:00pm. At 4:00pm she would have a physical therapy class. Then she took a shower before dinner. In the evening she did homework and occasionally watched television. She went to sleep at around 11:00pm.

Two years later, she started learning to cook, going to the market, house cleaning, taking public buses her own and other independent living skills. She was given an electric wheelchair if she needed to walk a long distant. She started helping out the teachers and some simple administrative work at Angel House. Last year, she was sent to another city for 2 months to learn computer skills in depth. She now can create PowerPoint slides and post articles and pictures on a website. She can organize files in the computer.

Time with friends

She had never learned Chinese characters. One month after taking Chinese classes, she sent her first text message using her cell phone with God’s word to encourage us. How amazing it was that she learned so many Chinese characters and Chinese input methods on a cell phone just in one month.

It was the first time she spent mid-Autumn festival with her classmates. She sang and prayed with her teachers and classmates. They had mooncakes together. During China National Day, she spent her holiday week at Bosco and Gloria’s home. They took her out to eat her first Cantonese dim sum. She played arcade games in a park. She and Bosco love fish very much and once they finished a 4 pound fish together!

Six months later during Chinese New Year, she flew on her own for the first time. She went back to the orphanage where she came from so the director and the staff knew that she had a wonderful life in Southern China. She spent time with her good friend who is blind in the orphanage. Her blind friend was also sent to a school for the blind in the main city by Rainbow Missions. The blind girl will graduate from the school for the blind next year. Since then, Jing Jing went back to the orphanage every summer to spend time with her friends in the orphanage.

Most of the teachers and classmates are her good friends because she cares about them. She helps all her classmates whenever they have needs. She sent care messages to her teachers from time to time and wanted to know that the teachers were doing well.


In the first half year, she was very unhappy on the weekends. She is the only orphan in the school. Every Friday afternoon, parents of other classmates came to school and left with their kids. She was the only one that didn’t have a parent to take her home. Many times, she went out to the courtyard, felt very sad and sometimes wept. She wanted to know why her birth parents abandoned her. She yearned for love from parents. The teachers went out to find her and talk to her. They told Jing Jing that there were so many teachers and people around her who loved her. They were just like her parents. Later, she felt better. But she said she would like to see her birth parents one day.

Do you still remember the reason why she needed the lights to be on while she was sleeping in the night? She always had bad dreams of black plastic bags carried out from the orphanage. One holiday week, she stayed at a teacher’s home. The teacher told her that God protected her even when the lights were out in the evening. But that required her to pray to God and ask God to help. That evening, she voluntarily turned off the lights by herself and slept until the morning. Her fear was gone!

Her dreams

Jing Jing was baptized in 2011. She shared her testimony with her classmates who were baptized on the same day. She told them that Christ visited her 3 times while she was in the orphanage. She knew He was Christ because she asked Him his Name. In His first visit, Christ asked her to believe in Him, but she didn’t. A few months later, Christ visited her again. She accepted and believed in Him. The third time when Christ visited her, she told Christ that she didn’t know how to pray. Christ told her that she would know. The next morning, Jing prayed like most of the matured Christians without being taught.

Jing Jing became a devout believer. She loved reading the Bible and prayed. One time, one of her Christian teachers saw Jing Jing kneel on the floor to pray. The teacher felt ashamed and since then the teacher kneels to pray too. Jing Jing impacted the lives of a lot of people around her.

Everyone has dreams and Jing is no exception. One of her dreams is to become a pastor to serve God. It may need a miracle for a girl with cerebral palsy to become a pastor in China. She is prayerfully asking God to guide her. Another dream of hers is to open an orphanage. Jing Jing was abandoned twice and she knows what an orphan needs to face. She wants to give all the homeless children a home that has love and care and not just food and shelter. Recently she told us that she loves painting. Painting can help her to be quiet in her heart so she can listen to voices from God.

Internship and job

Angel House prepared her for independent living including job training. At the end of last year, Rainbow Missions arranged for her to intern as an administrative assistant in a special education school in a city 1 hour high speed train from Nanning. After 3 months internship, the school hired her as a full time employee to continue the job. The school provides room and board to Jing Jing. In July, she officially graduated from Angel House.

The graduation signified the temporary termination of sponsorship from Rainbow Missions. Rainbow Missions had fully sponsored Jing Jing for 6 years since September 2010 for her education, physical therapy, boarding, independent living skills, vocational training and internship. We also sponsored her pocket money when she was in the school. If she needs sponsorship again, we will continue to help. We care about her and build her up like our own daughter.

There are still a lot of challenges ahead for a girl with cerebral palsy who is only 21. But Jing Jing knows that everything is in God’s hand and she has confidence in Him. We know that there will be more miracles in her life ahead.

Rainbow Missions sponsored Jing Jing to come to Seattle. She will see good friends of Rainbow Missions and all her supporters in two weeks. She will stay in Seattle until the end of October. Getting her a visa to the US is a miracle in itself. It may be once in a life time for her to visit this country. We hope she will have a good time here and enjoy every moment of her stay. If you would like to meet Jing Jing, please come to one of our fundraising dinners in October. Please call us at 206-734-7000 or email us at rainbows@therainbows.org for details.

Date of dinners
English speaking dinner: Saturday October 15, 2016
Mandarin speaking dinner: Sunday October 23, 2016
Cantonese speaking dinner: Saturday October 29, 2016.



























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