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Bella became blind when she was eight years old. She could sense light, but she could not see anything. In 2010, she suffered from lupus erythematosus and became infertile; her husband decided to divorce her. She fell to the bottom of her life. She was physically and mentally exhausted with her weak body and huge medical bills.

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I met Bella. Soon after my first visit she believed in the Gospel; the Lord has blessed her tremendously ever since. At that time, her monthly medical expenses were RMB 3,500.

Bella has been very diligent in learning God’s Word by listening to Bible reading and attending Bible studies. She also loves singing hymns with her joyful heart. She always wears a happy smile.

Bella is very active in Sunday worship services and other church events. God’s love has healed her soul and her physical body; her monthly medical expenses have dropped to RMB 1,000.

Bella opened her own massage shop. She keeps her shop clean and welcoming. Bella prays for all her customers; asks God to use her feeble hands to bring healing and blessings to them. Her customers keep returning.

“I can do all this through him who gives me strength.” Philippians 4:13

Bella continually experiences God’s presence and power. She becomes stronger spiritually and physically. Gradually she does not need medication any more.

Being a weak blind woman with no confidence, Bella was well protected by her mother. She never tried to travel alone. After many prayers and encouragements, for the very first time she walked alone from her home to the community gate. Two months later she could travel alone by taking a taxi to the church meeting.

By February, Bella can travel from her home to church all by herself. She will walk five minutes to the bus stop to catch a bus to the light rail station. The attendants at the light rail station will help her to get on to the right train from the station platform. She remembers the station names; after 5 stops she will transfer to another light rail train for one more stop. Then she will walk another five minutes from the light rail station to the church. In China, blind people seldom go out. This is a process where God is leading Bella each step to overcome her psychological fear of the unknown environments. Today Bella is very grateful for the joy and freedom of going out on her own.
Parents love their children. They believe their responsibility is to take care of everything for their children, which is the way to show their love. In addition to caring for people with disabilities, in fact, we need to provide guidance to help them build self-confidence to take care of themselves. The most effective way is to lead them to their independent life, step by step.

In the past 5 years, Rainbow Missions has helped Bella in her growth holistically. When she needed a medical examination, we would go to the hospital at 6 am to confirm a doctor appointment before taking her to see the doctor. Sometimes we helped her with grocery shopping. We also taught her to use Braille typewriters, mobile phones and computer. For her spiritual health, we provided discipleship training courses to learn the Truth, to experience life’s joy and sorrow together. Rainbow Missions also supported her to get professional training; Bella has greatly improved on her massage skills. Today, Bella manages a prayer network group using WeChat; connecting brothers and sisters at church and praying for those in need. God has changed her life, she is no longer needy and limited, she is no longer a typical blind person who cannot do anything.

Rainbow Missions sincerely invite you to join our short-term service team to help and support the disabled people in China. With our lives, we can make a lasting positive impact on the lives of other people. You can also support and serve the disabled people in China financially. Please email for more information or send your check to Rainbow Missions, PO BOX 1526, Renton, WA 98058. Please specify “MTST“.

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2012年,我去探望 Bella,第一次認識她。不久,她接受福音走上蒙福之路。當時她每月的醫藥費用高達人民幣3500元。Bella從2013年開始參加彩虹查經班,也用讀書機學習神的話語。加上她喜愛唱聖詩,以至面上常常綻放著喜樂的笑容。2014年,她積極參加教會活動及敬拜,身心靈經歷神的醫治,醫藥費用減為每月1000元。她在2015年開了按摩店,每天把店裡打理得乾淨。Bella雖力氣不足,但客人都願意回來找她做按摩。每位客人進店時,Bella 都會為客人默禱交托給主,願神使用她雙手為病人帶來醫治及祝福。

「靠著那加給我力量的,凡事都能作。」 腓 4:13


我看見Bella 在屬靈的道路上不斷經歷神的大能與同在,身體也日漸遠離藥物。

2016年,自幼失明的Bella 是個瘦弱的女子,加上缺乏自信心並在媽媽的保護下從未試過單獨出行。經我們的鼓勵及代禱,她首次踏出家門歩行至小區門口。兩個月後可以單獨坐出租車到達聚會的地方。今年2月, Bella 獨自步行五分鐘至公交車站坐車,15分鐘後下車轉乘輕軌一號缐(輕軌站內有服務員帶領她到月台候車)。坐五個站後轉乘2號缐一個站。下了輕軌步行五分鐘抵達聚會場所。失明人士是足不出戶的,因對環境不明確,要破除心理恐懼,這過程中每步有著神的引領。今日的Bella 充滿感恩而自由地享受出行的喜樂。

父母愛惜子女,以為幫忙處理一切的事情就是愛,就是對他們盡責。對殘障人士除了關懷外,其實更要正確指導如何學會自立、有自理及生活能力;並要從旁協助他們建立自信,一步一步領他們獨立生活才最有效。我們在這5年的時間裡,幫助Bella身心靈全面地成長。當她要到醫院檢查,我們清晨六時便先去替她掛號,然後帶她去看醫生取藥。有時也要幫她買菜及日用品。我們也教導她用盲文打字機、手機及電腦操作。屬靈方面,我們帶著她做門徒訓練課程學習真理,與她經歷人生的喜與悲。工作方面,彩虹提供她出外進修培訓。現在 Bella 的按摩水平顯著地提升。今天,Bella 在微信建立了一個代禱網為教會及有需要的弟兄姊妹代禱,並在教會負責聯繫工作。以前的 Bella 事事都有人為她打點,但她不甘心於只白白接受。她願意突破自己的有限的狀況。走出盲人什麼都不能做的宿命。

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