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Remember Jason? Rainbow Missions raised $4,700 USD for his eye removal surgery in less than a month. When I first heard the news of Jason’s eye situation in early May, I was worried we didn’t have enough budget to help Jason. With the help of our generous donors, we were able to send sufficient money to cover the cost of his surgery.

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In June, I went to China for a short term service trip. It was a meaningful and unforgettable trip for me especially because I had the opportunity to meet with Jason and his father. It was only the second time I met Jason. I first met him two years ago in his hometown. He was the sweetest and the most cheerful boy I have ever met. He loved singing and his voice was beautiful. Since then, he has grown much taller and his voice has gotten deeper. He didn’t look as cheerful as before and I suspect it was because of the eye surgery. He said he no longer felt pain from the wound, but said that he was still getting used to his new eye.

The morning before we met, Jason went to a check-up at the hospital. His doctor said he was recovering extremely fast and he was already well settled with his artificial eye. Jason had been resting at home since his surgery in May. His school provided him with all his homework and textbooks to take home so he could catch up on his studies. Jason wrote a letter in Braille to thank his sponsors and his father translated the following to us:

Dearest Rainbow Missions’ Uncles and Aunties,

Greetings! My name is Jason Zhao and I have been supported by you all along. I am writing to express my appreciation for all of your emergency help. Your financial support has enabled me to study in good conditions although I was blind since I was very young. With your generous help, I successfully had an eye removal surgery and ocular prosthesis implanted in my right eye on May 8th. I have longed for a pair of beautiful eyes for as long as I could remember even though the eye is non-functional. Now, I will gently touch my eye everyday while thinking of your kindness. I promise that I will study hard and not let you down. When I grow up, I hope to be able to help others as you have helped me.

Jason Zhao

We had a wonderful time talking and getting updates about his recovery. After we had lunch, Jason and his father took a train back to their hometown which was more than 300 miles away from where we stayed. It took him a half day to travel back home.

This month, he will be back in school and is on track for going into the next grade level despite having gone through so many difficult circumstances the past year.

It’s great to have a chance to extend our hands to reach out and help visually impaired students like Jason. There are many children/youth with disabilities who live in poverty and need financial support for urgent medical needs. All the students we sponsor have great financial needs and without your support, would not receive an education. On top of that, if our students encounter any sort of medical emergency like that of Jason’s, they would have to face the difficult decision of choosing between their education and their wellbeing. This is exactly what the Emergency Fund Program is for. The Emergency Fund Program has already helped some of our sponsored students pay their medical expenses. We thank you for all that you’ve given to help our students in times of medical emergencies. They are truly blessed. Please continue to support this Emergency Fund Program so that the people with disabilities can receive the help they need in a timely way.
~~~ By Kery Wong ~~~


Jason 的感謝

還記得 Jason 嗎? 彩虹工程為他的眼球摘除手術,在一個月時間內籌得 $4,700 美元。當我在五月初知道Jason眼睛的情況,我有點擔心機構沒有足夠金錢幫助他,但因為很多慷慨捐助人的愛心相助,我們有足夠的款項幫助他完成手術。




您們好,我是您們一直以來資助的學生趙 Jason, 在此我特別感謝您們對我的資助,因為有了您們的資助,我才能在那麼好的環境下學習知識,領略書的魅力。如果沒有您們的幫助,我就不會有機會學習、成長。因我自幼雙目失明,雙眼已經嚴重委縮、變形,在您們的資助下,於今年5月8日完成了左眼的手術。叔叔阿姨您們知道嗎? 從我懂事以後,我就一直希望能夠有雙漂亮的眼球,那怕看不見也無所謂,現在我每天都會小心翼翼的去摸摸這漂亮的眼球,每次一觸碰到它,都會讓我想起彩虹工程的叔叔阿姨們,為此我特別感謝您們。今後我會更加的努力學習,不辜負您們的關心和幫助,長大以後也要像叔叔阿姨一樣去幫助關心有需要的人。



~~~ 作者: 黃安琪~~~

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