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Guest blog by Tina Eng…

I have joined a short-term service trip “STST” organized by Rainbow Missions.  On March 11-12, I attended the “STST” training retreat.  Did I get to know the team members? Was there any homework? Did I learn about the kids we were going to visit?  The answer to these questions is yes.

按此閱讀中文版 (我最喜歡什麼).


In the retreat, after everyone introduced themselves, Rain Chan, Director of Rainbow Missions, asked what we knew about Rainbow Missions.  Then she shared the vision (Serving children with disabilities and their families in China), service targets (Autism, Blindness, and Cerebral Palsy), strategies (Long term, Localization, and Love in action), and service platforms (Sponsorship, Service team, Seminar, and Support).  She kept us on our toes by testing how well we memorized these facts.  Guest instructors Ronnie Koh and his wife Kim taught strategies for identifying, understanding and bridging cultural differences and ways to demonstrate care to others, especially those we were going to serve.  Dania Liu, a school psychologist, provided practical training about understanding and ministering to people on the autism spectrum, helping us recognize common traits and helpful strategies.  Kery Wong, Program Manager of Rainbow Missions, taught us how we can be more comfortable when working with individuals with disabilities and guided us through walking practice with blindfolded team members.


At the end of the first day, Kery gave each of us $10 to spend on an ethnic meal of our choice before coming back for training on day two.  I spent mine at a buffet of delicious Indian vegetarian dishes.  When we reconvened, we were asked if we had experienced cultural stress during the exercise.  Interestingly enough none of us felt out of place or stressed.  I guess we were taught well by Ronnie and Kim.  I told Kery it was the most enjoyable homework I have ever had!

We learned about the updates and saw photographs of people and areas we were going to visit.  We rejoiced we would celebrate the graduation of three visually impaired college students.  We also heard two graduated students have been engaged.  My heart was filled with compassion and love for those who are struggling with life, health, and, for some, a sense of hopelessness.  We plan to visit as many of these friends and their families as possible and demonstrate our love through our actions.

I am a retired occupational therapist.  I have compassion in my heart and feel called to serve God and the disabled in China.  It occurred to me during our two-day retreat is that God brought together a group of individuals with different backgrounds, gifts and abilities who enjoy one another and have one goal in mind – bringing glory to God through service to some who are in desperate need of love, care, compassion, and assistance.

I’m looking forward to meeting other team members in China and ask for your prayer for the “STST”.

Thank you to Sebastian, Peggy, and Candace for allowing us to meet in your home, and to all who planned, attended and participated in this well-organized retreat.  It was such a blessing.

“We love, because He first loved us.”  Bible 1 John 4:19




客席分享: Tina Eng

我參加彩虹工程舉辦的短期服務隊。在3月11至12日,我出席了他們安排的訓練營。我認識了隊員沒有? 有沒有功課? 有否知道今次服務的對象? 我想,全部都有。


在訓練營裡,各人介紹了自己後,彩虹工程總幹事陳穎問我們有多認識機構的工作,之後,她分享機構的異象:「服務中國殘障兒童及家庭」,服務對象:「 A 自閉症,B 視障,C腦癱」患者,策略:「長期性,本地化,以愛行動」,服務平台:「助學,服務隊,培訓,支援」。她不斷的幫助我們記得這些重點。之後,許老師Ronnie和她的太太Kim教導如何識別、理解和彌合文化差異,以及向他人表達關顧的方法,特別是我們將要服務的對象。Dania 是一位學校心理學家,她提供了一個關於理解和幫助有自閉症譜系障礙孩子的實用培訓,幫助我們識別常見的特徵和教授有用的策略。彩虹工程的項目主任Kery教導我們如何可以更容易與殘障人士一起,並以蒙住眼睛的練習去教導隊員如何帶領盲人行走。


第一天結束時,Kery分別給我們每人10美元作為「彌合文化差異」訓練之一,我們需要在第二天的訓練前選擇在異國種族餐廳用膳,而我,就去了一間美味的印度素食自助餐午膳。 回到訓練營後,我們被問到在「彌合文化差異」訓練中,有否感到文化差異的壓力。 有趣的是,我們沒有人感到有文化差異壓力。 我想Ronnie和Kim教授我們很好。 我告訴Kery這個訓練是我一生最愉快的功課!


我是位退休職業治療師。我滿有同情心,也感到上帝呼召我去服務中國的殘障人士。在兩天的訓練過程中,我發現神帶來了一班來自不同背景、恩賜和能力的人,能彼此相愛,也有一個共同目標 ,就是通過服務一些在中國渴望得到愛、關心、同情、援助的人,去榮耀上帝。


感謝Sebastian, Peggy 和Candace開放他們的家給我們聚會,也感謝所有負責籌備、出席和參與這個美好營會的人。這真是一個祝福。



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