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Rainbow Missions love people with disabilities in China

Rainbow Missions seek to bring hope for a brighter future by providing people with disabilities in China with physical, mental and spiritual support and care. Check out “What We Do” page for an overview of our services. We would also like to highlight a few stories of our service areas.

Rainbow Missions - helping blind children in China

Blind and Visually Impaired

You may think that serving blind and visually impaired people in China is obvious to us since one of our founders is visually impaired. But actually it is not the reason we chose this group in China in the beginning. In 2004, Peter and Bosco visited a school for hearing impaired children, a school for… Continue Reading Blind and Visually Impaired

Many Cerebral Palsy Children On Wheelchair

Cerebral Palsy

When you think you don’t know much about cerebral palsy, you are not alone. Our two founders didn’t know much until they met a friend in Southern China who runs a treatment and education center for children with cerebral palsy in 2007. They chatted with the parents in the treatment center. Every parent loves their… Continue Reading Cerebral Palsy

Rainbow Missions Isaac with an Autistic Child

Helping Autism

Have you ever interacted with a child or teenager who is autistic? You may feel frustrated because they seem not to be paying any attention to you. Samuel had this kind of experience many years ago when he and his wife raised their son Isaac. They can feel the frustration and pain the parents with… Continue Reading Helping Autism

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  1. Dear Sir/Madam,
    Following the instruction sent to me on the “Rainbow Missions Donation Form” I attempted to make a donation for Tina Eng for her participation in a ST Service Trip. According to instructions, I was supposed to be able to designate the donation TO THE MEMBER OF MY CHOICE by noting in the memo box “on the last screen”. Well, no last screen appeared. I went through the Paypal prompts, and my $50.00 was taken, but I was not allowed to designate my funds to support Tina Eng, who will be going with a delegation from Chinese Baptist Church for a Short Term Service Trip.

    Please confirm that my donation will be going to the correct person.

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