Fundraising Dinner 2019


English-speaking: Saturday, September 14th, 2019 6pm – 9pm at Newport Covenant Church (12800 Coal Creek Pkwy SE,  Bellevue)
Mandarin-speaking: Saturday, September 28th, 2019 5pm – 8pm at Newport Covenant Church (12800 Coal Creek Pkwy SE, Bellevue)
Cantonese-speaking: Saturday, October 5th, 2019 6pm – 9pm at China Harbor Restaurant (2040 Westlake Ave N, Seattle)

英語晚宴: 2019年9月14日 星期六 下午6時-9時在Newport Covenant Church (12800 Coal Creek Pkwy SE, Bellevue)
華語晚宴: 2019年9月28日 星期六 下午5時-8時在Newport Covenant Church (12800 Coal Creek Pkwy SE, Bellevue)
粵語晚宴: 2019年10月5日 星期六 下午6時-9時在海景大酒樓(2040 Westlake Ave N, Seattle)

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A Letter From Chairman

Recently our service team returned from visiting our children in China.  God continues to bless our service to the disabled children in China.  Our Autism Center is moving to a more spacious facility.  You will not believe who is the owner of that facility!  A very special service was held at the orphanage; something that will make your heart soar!  Interested?  There is much to share but now is not the time.  You need to come to our Fundraising Dinner to hear the rest of these stories.  Our dinners will be on the above nights.

Our theme this year is “God’s Love Makes Miracles”.  The miracle of changed lives.  That is our passion.  We strive to help our children in China be the best they can be either physically or spiritually.  God is doing amazing work through our field workers and service teams.  Our speakers will be sharing stories about what they experienced working with our special children.   You will be blessed hearing how God’s Love is impacting these children’s lives.  Please reserve the date on your calendars and bring your friends.  

Please click on the above “Registration” button if you would like to sponsor or host a table for this year’s dinner, or “Donate” button if you just want to support this event.

I look forward to seeing you at the dinners!”


最近,帶著對孩子們的牽掛與不捨,我們的服務隊從中國之行回來。 感謝上帝!祂不住地祝福我們為中國殘障兒童的服務。 我們在東北的自閉症中心,正在搬到一個更寬敞的地方。 您也許不會相信那個場地的擁有者是誰? 另一方面,我們也在位於西南方的福利院舉行了一個非常特別的儀式,是一個足以令到您的心感動的慶典! 對於這些,您都有興趣知道嗎? 事實上我們真的有很多興奮的事情、動人的故事很盼望能夠跟大家分享,因此我們邀請您參加彩虹工程的籌款晚宴,聆聽這些奇妙而真實的故事。

今年的主題是「相信有愛💛就有奇蹟」。這是 改變生命的奇蹟,實在讓我們深感激勵。 我們多年來忠心努力地愛著中國的殘障孩子,讓他們的身體與心靈的復健上得到最好的援助。 上帝透過我們的本地同工和短期服務隊做著奇妙的工作。 我們的講員將分享他們在國內服侍殘的美好經歷。  我深信,即使只是聆聽到神的愛如何影響這些孩子與他們的家庭,您的生命也將會被祝福。請在日曆上保留日期,並邀請朋友一同出席。



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