An Experience of a Lifetime (2)

Last June, I went to CC in northeast China with a few members of our short term service trip (STST) members and YY, a local field worker, to visit a paralyzed woman GW.  YY was shocked when she first saw the woman.  She recounts —
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“When we were at her house, there was a very strong stinky odor. I tried to hold my breath but could only hold it a short time. Then we went into GW’s bedroom. The smell there was much stronger. Her bedroom was messy. There was a table on the left side of the door and a television on the table. GW’s bed was near a window. There was stuff on the bedside such as adult diapers, pillows, clothes, etc.  She was lying flat on her back with her knees angled to the rights; and she looked weak. Her body was only covered with a quilt. She didn’t have any reaction when we first talked to her.  Then her sister communicated with her and asked if she was willing to let us check her physical/health condition. I was shocked when we opened the quilt. Her legs were deformed and had degenerated and there were pock marks along her legs.  Her mattress looked wet and I didn’t know whether she could feel it or not.  There was a hole in the mattress for waste products to drop into a bucket. The bed had rusty adjustment cranks and was in poor condition.  It was old; it had belonged to her mother. GW had been lying on a thin, firm vinyl-covered mattress 24 hours a days/7 days a week for over 12 years.  Her skin integrity, skeletal alignment and overall condition were getting progressively worse. GW responded to touch as Tina massaged her face, neck, shoulders and arms.  Sister Eng taught GW and her sister simple upper extremity stretches to maintain the use of her arms and hands.”

In October, sister Tso, YY and I returned to CC.  We visited the children in the autism center as well as the paralyzed woman. When we entered GW’s house, its smell was not as strong as before. At first, GW was not willing to let us check her physical condition. However, she started to open her heart and let us help her when we told her the purpose of our visit –sharing the love of Jesus Christ.

Sister Tso took out a book of hymns and we sang together. After sharing the Gospel with her and singing with her sister, both she and her older sister (who cares for her in their home) accepted our offer for a new bed.  With money from two generous donors, a new hospital bed and a hospital-standard air mattress with an electric pump and elimination square were arranged for delivery and set up in late November.  After asking the older sister what could be of help to her, she said she would love visitations from Christians for prayer, conversation, and singing hymns.

The Lord gave me a broader picture of and a greater heart for the needs, hopes and dreams of young and old on the other side of the world.  I looked at the faces of beautiful children and listened to their loving parents who desperately sought and received hope and help.  We were able to share Christ with and help a woman who has been paralyzed and not able to see a doctor for over 12 years.  God’s still small voice brought me back to China in October and I had a memorable and rewarding experience.  I will return this year to share God’s love, care and compassion.  Will you join me?  You don’t need special skills – just a heart that wants to serve the Lord.  He will help us to help others.

去年六月,我和彩虹工程的當地同工YY第一次到東北地區探訪一位因交通意外而癱瘓,需要長期臥床的女士—GW 。當天的情景,同行的YY還瀝瀝在目﹕


在十月,我第二次去中國與曹姐妹和YY一同服事。除了探訪自閉症中心的孩子外,我們還去探望這位癱瘓了的女士。進去房間時仍然有刺鼻的味道,但比第一次輕了一些,GW的房間也乾淨整齊了很多。剛開始的時候,GW不太願意讓我們看看她手臂和腿的活動能力。於是我們跟她分享此行的心意是盼望帶著耶穌基督的愛來幫助她時, GW慢慢地願意和我們配合。GW的床墊是有一個大洞的,方便讓她的排泄物掉落在床下的水桶內。但是這張床墊已經壞了,許多功能都已經不能使用,令她還沒有退化的功能—如腸道功能也加速退化。加上她就這樣每天二十四小時躺在這張又薄又硬又破舊的醫院床墊上,已經超過十二年的時間,長期沒有活動,甚至她的皮膚也都在慢慢地變壞。