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Do you know how many travelers from China are in Seattle each year? It is almost 1.2 million. This year, 2 travelers out of the 1.2 million are very special guests of Rainbow Missions. They will visit us in October and meet us at all three fundraising dinners. They are very important to Rainbow Missions. One of them has received a lot of honors from China and the United Nations.

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A daughter with cerebral palsy

Kate was born in Shanxi. She went to Guangxi with her parents when she was young. She graduated from the School of Philosophy at the University of Guangxi. After she married, she gave birth to twin daughters. When the younger twin, Beibei, sat at 6 months old, the elder twin, Bobo, still couldn’t lift up her head and turn from side to side. Bobo also drooled a lot of saliva. Kate, with her husband, took Bobo to the University Medical Center. The doctors examined Bobo and determined that she has cerebral palsy. Kate was very shocked and could not believe it. She took Bobo to a few hospitals for more checkups, and the conclusion was still the same.

(Note: Cerebral palsy is different levels of damage to the neurological part of the brain. It can cause barriers to cognitive development and physical growth. In many cases, it affects the ability of the brain system to control the movement of the muscles. Very often cerebral palsy leads to multiple disabilities. Physical therapy may improve the movement of the muscles, but cerebral palsy is not curable.)

Kate’s Struggles

In the early days, Kate carried her children and cried. “Heartache” is not an adjective. It was a physical phenomenon to her. She thought about what could happen when Bobo grows up. She once said to God, “You have given me an extremely difficult question. I don’t have any way to face it.”

Both she and her husband provided all treatments that were available to Bobo, including injecting cerebrolysin, hyperbaric oxygen, Chinese medicinal herbs, massage, acupuncture and surgery. Results showed that situations had improved a little bit, but far from their expectations. Bobo still couldn’t stand and walk at the age of six.

When a family has a child with cerebral palsy, the parents may have a lot of arguments about the child’s medical and living issues. Husband and wife relationship can become critical. Eventually,, Kate and her husband separated. It left only Kate’s parents to support and encourage her. Bobo and Beibei became her mental support to live and fight for them.

Angel House

When Beibei started going to school, Kate searched through the country and couldn’t find a school for Bobo. Children with cerebral palsy usually receive medical treatment at hospitals and therapy at rehab centers. These families did not have much hope for their children because there were no resources to help them at that time. Kate felt the urgent needs of establishing an organization so that children can receive education as well as treatment. After help from many government officials, Angel House Rehab and Education Center (aka Angel House) was established on June 1, 2002. It is a civilian charity organization. On that day, there were 3 children with cerebral palsy and 5 staffs in Angel House.

In the past 14 years, Kate has served children with cerebral palsy with all her efforts. She awakens the society to care about children with cerebral palsy in China. Her hardworking helped Angel House to divide into four departments today. They are The Children Center, The Youth Center, the Community Services Center and the very first government orphanage run by a civil organization. The orphanage was just opened June 1st this year at Chongzou. Angel House Cerebral Palsy Children Rehab and Education Relief Program is recognized by the public as “People care the most” and becomes “The Top Ten Charity Program”. Kate also initiated the establishment of “China Cerebral Palsy Rehab Organization League”.


Since 2004, Kate has received the following honors, “The First 100 Outstanding Mother in China”, “Top Ten Outstanding Woman at Guangxi”, “Top Ten Citizen of Nanning City”. She was one of the torch runners for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. September 15 the same year, she was honored by the United Nations “Outstanding Offering to Serve People with Disabilities”. This is the highest honor that the United Nations’ China Office can grant to Chinese citizens. Only 5 people have been given this honor and Kate is one of them. In 2012, Kate was honored “The Most Loving and Caring Model” of the “China Charity Award”. In 2015, Kate was honored “China Outstanding Social Worker”. The same year, Kate and her second husband Mr. Lu Jiang Li were honored “The Most Beautiful Family in China”.

Rainbow Missions and Angel House

We met Kate in 2004, at the dawn of the establishment of Rainbow Missions. In 2007, Rainbow Missions started planning the establishment of the Hong Kong Branch. Peter and Bosco made an exploratory trip to Angel House to understand their needs. They prayed with Kate and understood that the partnership of Rainbow Missions and Angel House would give big support to the children with cerebral palsy and their families. Starting in 2008, Bosco and his wife lived in Guangxi for 4 years. Angel House became the major target of the services of Rainbow Missions. Bosco, his wife and Kate became very close friends because they always met to discuss how to serve the children better. During 2011 and 2012, Rainbow Missions Hong Kong Branch gradually replaced US Rainbow Missions to serve Angel House. US Rainbow Missions continued financially to support a few needy children from Angel House.

After The Government of Chongzou and Angel House opened the civilian run orphanage this year, US Rainbow Missions decided to participate in serving the orphans and children with cerebral palsy at this orphanage. Kate will meet and speak to our guests in all the three dinners. Our English speaking fundraising dinner is on October 15. Mandarin speaking fundraising dinner is on October 23 and the Cantonese speaking fundraising dinner is on October 29. We hope you can come to one of the fundraising dinners and support God’s work in the ministries of serving children with cerebral palsy and orphans.

Next week, we will introduce the other honorable guest who will come from China to Seattle to meet us at the fundraising dinners. She is a girl with cerebral palsy who Rainbow Missions had been sponsoring for 6 years.

Below website in Simplified Chinese has more stories of how Angel House was founded by Kate.














十四年來,王芳不遺餘力地為腦癱孩子服務,並在全國各地喚醒大眾對腦癱孩子的關注,她的努力,使安琪之家在今天擁有四個服務部門,分別為兒童中心,青年中心,社區服務中心,和全國第一所公建民營孤兒院,這所孤兒院剛在今年6 月1日在廣西崇左市成立。安琪之家的腦癱兒童康復教育救助項目被公認為『最具人文關懷』而榮獲『中國公益項目十强』。王芳也發起組建『中國腦癱康復機構網絡聯盟』。








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