Special Guests From China – 2

Have you ever thought what the life of an orphan in China is? How about if the orphan has some kind of disability? Last week, we talked about Kate, a special guest who has got a lot of honors from the Chinese Government and the United Nations. This week, we are going to talk about a special girl who will meet and speak to the guests at our fundraising dinners in October. She is an orphan with cerebral palsy. She has been fully sponsored by Rainbow Missions to receive education, room and board, therapies, vocational and independent living skills training for 6 years.

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From Birth to Orphanage

Jing Jing can only tell us what she was told by her foster parents when she was very small. She remembers that very likely, she was born at a residence in Guangdong Province. She was abandoned within hours after her birth because the foster parents who picked her up still saw the umbilical cord attached to her body. The couple found her lying on a bridge wrapped with blankets. It must have been winter. Her foster parents told her that her birthday was January 10, 1995.

The foster parents brought her to a village in Chongqing shortly after. They operated a passenger boat and a small boat. Jing Jing was raised in a village house with grand-mother who was the mother of the foster mom. The foster parents were very busy in the river.

One day, when Jing was 5 years old, she fell off her bed. The foster parents sent her to a hospital for medical examinations. She was found to have poliomyelitis. One dark night, they left her at the gate of an orphanage. In the morning when the staff of the orphanage went to work, they took her into the institute.

Life in the Orphanage

In the orphanage, she was given the name Jing Jing Li. Jing Jing started a new life there. She adapted to the daily routines of the orphanage in a very short time. The healthy school age children went to the nearby elementary school happily to study. Jing Jing didn’t go because she couldn’t walk very well. One of her best friends in the orphanage didn’t go to school either, because she was blind. The orphanage provided no transportation. Jing Jing could not ride a public bus on her own. Every day, she longed for the school children to come back to the orphanage. She asked them to teach her what they had learned in school that day. Going to school was only an unreachable dream to Jing Jing.

While the school kids were out during day time, she played with the toddlers and fed them during meal time. The kitchen workers laid the meals on the small tables and walked away. They would come back half an hour later to collect their bowls regardless if they ate or not, or how much they ate. So Jing Jing fed the toddlers before their meals were collected. Jing Jing has a very kind heart.

During the first couple of months at the orphanage, Jing Jing would see two familiar faces standing outside the gate looking in. It seems that they were looking for someone. Later, Jing Jing didn’t see them anymore. When she was young at the orphanage, she saw many babies come into the orphanage and many others left because they were adopted or fostered. But the scariest to her was seeing black plastic bags which carried babies. Someone came in the night with a cart and took the plastic bags away. This scene rooted in Jing Jing’s mind. She often had scary dreams in the night and it disturbed her for more than 10 years. She needed to have the lights turned on at night.

An American lady (Mary, a fake name we give her) always went to visit the orphanage. She played with the children. Sometimes she came with a group of foreigners. Mary became a good friend of Jing Jing. There were also full time local volunteers working at the orphanage. Jing Jing heard about the gospel through the volunteers.

See the Rainbow

December, 2009, Mary arranged for Peter, Bosco and Roland to visit the orphanage. While Peter chatted with the blind girl at the courtyard, Bosco saw a teenaged girl looking through the windows at the staircase on the third floor. Somehow there was a very small voice in Bosco’s heart telling him not to give up this teenaged girl. From one of the full time volunteers, Bosco knew that her name was Jing Jing and she had cerebral palsy. He was told that she could walk, go to bathroom and take showers all by herself. She even fed the small toddlers. Right at that time, Bosco felt that this girl was capable, but did not have a chance to go to school. He thought of an education center specializing in cerebral palsy in Southern China. He wanted to send Jing Jing there. On the way back to the main city, the visitors discussed a plan for Jing Jing. But they were not optimistic that the director of the orphanage would agree to let Jing Jing leave the institute.

In August 2010, a short-term service team was sent from Rainbow Missions to the orphanage. The team members had a very good time with the children for a week. A few members had some very special moments with Jing Jing. Bosco and Gloria shared with the team members about Rainbow Missions’ plan of sending Jing Jing to an education center specializing in cerebral palsy in Southern China. We prayed together because we knew that only miracles could make things happen.

When the team finished their services at the orphanage and they were on their way back to the main city, 3 members were touched by the calling of God. They asked how much money Rainbow Missions needed initially to send Jing Jing to Southern China. They were told about USD 600.00. These 3 gentlemen took out all the cash they had in their pockets. The sum was USD 620.00. Not much more and not less, it must be God’s provision! The money was used to pay for all the expenses Jing Jing would need to go to Southern China!

Going to Southern China

However, at the orphanage, the director had to take a big risk. He was allowing one of his teenaged girls to go to another part of China where his jurisdiction didn’t reach. He needed to trust the strangers who took Jing Jing away. The guardians Jing Jing would need were also people he didn’t know at all. Furthermore, he had to submit a request to a higher government official for approving Jing Jing’s departure.

The academic term of the education center for cerebral palsy in Southern China started on September 6. Students must report to the school on September 5th. We wanted to send Jing Jing there 2 days earlier so she could slowly adapt to the new environment. There had been no news of approval from the Chongqing Government. Nevertheless, air-tickets were purchased for Jing Jing to fly to Southern China in the afternoon of September 3. By the evening of September 2, there was still no news. We prayed. The approval came the next morning. Jing Jing went to the airport with Mary. She flew the very first time in her life. Jing Jing started a new chapter of her life at the age of 15.

Story to be continued …

Jing Jing’s life is full of miracles. Successfully getting a US visa for an orphan girl with cerebral palsy and no money from China itself is a miracle. We sincerely invite you to come and meet the miracle girl at one of our fundraising dinners in October. If you are interested in meeting Jing Jing at one of the fundraising dinners, please contact us at 206-734-7000 or email us at rainbows@therainbows.org for details.

Date of dinners
English speaking dinner: Saturday October 15, 2016
Mandarin speaking dinner: Sunday October 23, 2016
Cantonese speaking dinner: Saturday October 29, 2016.



你有沒有想過中國的孤兒生活會是怎樣的?特別如果那是一位殘障的孤兒。上星期,我們談及一位在中國得到很多中國政府和聯合國榮譽獎項的特別貴賓,王芳女士。 這星期。我們會介紹另外一位特別貴賓,她亦會在十月出席我們的籌款晚宴並致詞。她是一位患有腦癱的孤兒,彩虹工程過去六年全費資助她接受教育,住宿,治療,職業及獨立生活的培訓。

















晶晶的生命充滿神蹟,能在中國成功地為一位貧窮而患上腦癱的孤兒拿到美國簽證,本身就是一個神蹟。我們誠意邀請大家在彩虹工程十月的籌款晚宴中前來與這位神蹟女孩見面。如果你有興趣與晶晶見面,請致電206-734-7000或電郵 rainbows@therainbows.org 查詢。


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